We are committed to cultivate, process and export quality products, certified under international standards that guarantee our customers the satisfaction of the final consumer.


Based in Our senior management commitment, Our certificates recognized a World level, Our care and control of all aspects related to quality and Our constant training and motivation of our human capital.


The quality and safety of food far in our field to table the final consumer, is our responsibility.


We know the history of each product we produce, because we carefully control the entire process of tracking since it is cultivated in the field until it is served at the table of the final consumer. Our main quality control points are:

  • Raw Material
  • Supplies
  • Environment and Production Process
  • Final Product



The BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification is the application of a certified food safety system developed by the British Retail Distribution, which guarantees the quality, safety and legality of our products

Global GAP

Global GAP is a set of internationally recognized standards on good agricultural practices (Good Agricultural Practices). Under the Global GAP brand a set of protocols for certification processes for obtaining primary sector products worldwide are grouped.